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David & Jordan Ochoa are a dream team. David with his timing in capturing the moment through the lens and Jordan with her brushes to exude inner beauty on the outer appearance. These two amazing people met when David hired makeup artist Jordan for a fashion shoot.  They knew from day one that they had a purpose to be together and work together to create imagery that people long for.  From the initial moment that you meet David and Jordan, they start to get downloads as to what, where and how to photograph you for your engagement and your special day. They are based out of Los Angeles, but do travel quite often for work as they also do commercial and lifestyle photography full-time. Not only do they have a passion for their creative side but also for people and life. David & Jordan are your ideal couple that amplify their love for what they do.  They have all the desire in the world to serve you to their best ability on your special day, they promise to create and capture the moment you've been waiting for your entire life.

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